Farmingville HVAC Company

farmingville-town-sign-300x265Farmingville Boiler Installation and Repairs

Have you been considering putting an extension on your home? Or did you finally decide to upgrade the cottage towards the back of your property? You will definitely need the help of a reliable HVAC service company in Farmingville  to move forward with home improvement projects such as these. Reliance Mechanical Services is one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Farmingville, NY.
An extension on your home would most likely require a new boiler or furnace since it will be much harder for your current one to maintain comfortable temperatures with the added space. Upgrading a cottage would also require a new boiler or furnace because no one will want to spend time in it if it is not heated properly. If you are concerned about an extension or upgrade getting too hot, RMS also provides air conditioning services.

 Farmingville Air Conditioner Installation and Maintenance

RMS does much more for our customers than installing heating and cooling systems. Because we are a full service Farmingville HVAC company, RMS can supply tune-ups and maintenance services, we can repair your heating or cooling system as well. All of these are services that we provide to you whether or not the cooling or heating system was purchased from us, or whether it was a system installed by our technicians.
Because our technicians have extensive training, they can also clean your air ducts. Each HVAC service call will result in a free estimate for our customer. After assessing the situation, RMS will come up with a way to resolve it that will fit into your budget. For Farmingville boiler repair or central air conditioning installations contact us by filling out the form to the right of the screen.