Residential Service Contracts

Why Maintenance?

residential_service_contractsPreventive Maintenance at RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. is essential to the preservation and efficiency of all HVAC equipment. The equipment used to cool or heat your home is not meant to last forever. In order to get the most possible life out of your current or future equipment it MUST be serviced on a regular basis. You wouldn’t take a chance on taking you family on a long trip without first getting your vehicle serviced; well the same principal applies to HVAC equipment. Filters should be changed and mechanical and electrical components must periodically be monitored and serviced. Just remember, prevent the problems of tomorrow by maintaining your Equipment today. Residential HVAC maintenance contracts by RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc.

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What’s included?

A typical Preventive Maintenance (PM) includes:

  • Verify and record all vital equipment Removal of old filters, installation of new filters
  • Visually check for leaks from mechanical equipment and piping
  • Inspect belts & pulleys and adjust as necessary
  • Inspect electrical components & controls, tighten as necessary
  • Lubricate motors, bearings and dampers where necessary
  • Check, verify and record all voltage and Amperage readings are within factory specifications
  • Check, verify and record all refrigerant levels and pressures are within factory specifications
  • Check condenser and evaporator coils for air flow restrictions
  • Check condensate line(s) and condensate pan(s) for blockages and debris
  • Check operating controls i.e. thermostat(s) for proper operation and are correctly programmed.
  • Check supply and return temperatures

Additional additives for maintenances are:

  • Installation of new belt(s)
  • Power washing of condenser coil(s) and evaporator coil(s)

How often should maintenance be performed?

Preventive Maintenance should be performed at a minimum of twice a year. A maintenance contract that includes only two Preventative Maintenance Visits would receive a fall heat start up and a spring cooling start up. RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. highly recommends taking advantage this preventive maintenance contract. A proper maintenance contract over time will save our customers money due to proactive nature and catching mechanical and electrical problems in the beginning stages while resolving them quickly before they become larger and more expensive issues. Often problems found in the beginning stages are cheaper to fix then when they have progressed over time. This type of contract also ensures our customers minimal down time.

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