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At RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc., we are proud to provide the essential smoke/carbon monoxide security for your residential and commercial property. Offering a new and innovative solution with Nest Protect, your safety is our guarantee.

What is Nest Protect?

nest_heatingNest protect is an innovative and highly effective smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detection system. While archaic smoke alarms have the reputation of sounding piercing yells that are often inaccurate, Nest Protect is here to provide actual information about what has been detected.

With the accuracy and efficiency of a human voice, Nest Protect speaks directly to you regarding what has been detected, where the problem resides, and exactly how to fix it. Whether you’re procuring Nest Protect for your home or commercial property, your safety is of utmost concern. In the case of an emergency, there is no time to run around trying to find a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. With Nest Protect, your answers are delivered with immediacy, accuracy, and efficiency.

How does Nest Protect secure safety?

nest_protect_product_imageIt’s a fact that almost 2/3 of fire-associated deaths in the United States are directly related to faulty or absent fire alarms. It shouldn’t be a surprise to further explicate that most individuals are annoyed with those old smoke alarms, as they simply lack efficiency and scare with loud cries.

Now, Nest Protect solves those problems with early warning signals in the convenient form of accurate, human prompts. When smoke or carbon monoxide is mildly present, the human voice will give a head’s up warning.

You needn’t be home to know that Nest Protect is doing its job. With the innovation of smart phones, Nest Protect further delivers with convenient text messaging notifications in the event of a smoke or carbon monoxide incident. Nest Protect is here to detect, inform, and deliver solutions in real-time, no matter where you are.

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