Oil to Gas Conversion

With the high cost of heating your home with fuel oil, an oil to gas conversion may be a great way for you to reduce heating costs and more!

RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. handles all aspects of converting your home from oil to clean, efficient natural gas.  Not only does natural gas burn cleaner than oil in your home, but a natural gas conversion gives you more options:

Here’s what natural gas allows you to do:

  • Install a backup generator for your home
    • No more living without power when the grid goes down.
    • Seamlessly provide comfort to your family
  • Power your dryer with natural gas
    • Gas dryers generally have a lower cost of operation than electric dryers
    • Natural gas dryers can reduce your costs
  • Gas powered stove
    • Many people prefer cooking family meals with gas
    • Gas stoves are generally more efficient and have a lower cost of operation
  • High efficient home heating systems like Navien (Link to product page)

Reliance Mechanical Services of N.Y. Inc. makes conversion simple. 

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Natural Gas:

RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. offers competitive prices for the supply of natural gas that will ultimately lower costs and save money. Reliance Mechanical Services of N.Y. Inc.transports your natural gas requirements through the already existing pipelines at a much lower cost than your utility company. Your utility company will still be responsible for all service and maintenance of your natural gas system. Switching over to RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. as your natural gas provider is painless. No extra checks to write as RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. charges will appear directly on your utility bill. Switching to RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. as your gas provider is a quick and easy way to save money. Here are the advantages:

  • Service guarantee
  • No connection fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • No up-front fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No credit approval
  • No additional fees or special charges of any kind
  • Commercial properties will receive a 100{728e6b3e7ac135237b40a884ffeef03c1c85b8915c86a25199cf23e168b6974f} reduction in sales tax
  • Homeowners will reduce the cost of their natural gas bill due to Reliance Mechanical Services of N.Y. Inc. lower overhead and reduced price

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