Energy Saving Options

Additional Return Air

Lack of return air is a very common problem for those systems that were either poorly designed or originally planned for heat only applications. Adding additional returns to your system allows for greater supply air into your home, resulting in better airflow and comfort for your family. The benefits you will receive by taking care of this problem include: quieter operation, better airflow, fewer repairs, longer life of your equipment, lower utility bills and, best of all, greater comfort.Looking to Save Energy? Heating and Cooling Energy Saving Solutions by RMS Industries of N.Y. Inc. Contact us for an energy audit 855-767-5255

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Energy SavingsSealing air leaks and adding insulation are two important ways of conserving energy in your house. But some homes may be so tightly sealed that they don’t allow in enough fresh air for a healthy environment. To allow adequate fresh air into your house (without using extra energy to heat or cool the fresh air) you might need some type of ventilation system. Energy-recovery ventilators, also known as air heat exchangers, are mechanical ventilation systems that remove stale, polluted air from homes and replace it with fresh outdoor air.To conserve energy, energy-recovery ventilators pass the outgoing warm air from inside the house through an internal component called a heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger, heat from the outgoing air is transferred to the cool incoming air. This exchange (heat recovery) prevents the home’s occupants from being blasted with cold winter air. It also saves considerable energy because the home’s heater doesn’t need to warm the cold incoming air. In the summer, outgoing room air cools the incoming warm air, helping to maintain comfort.

Wireless Remote Access, Save Time & Money

Energy Savings1

One Control is Always the Right Control

  • 60 smaller than Prestige 2.0 and available in 4 colors
  • Delta T Alerts and Diagnostics inform customers when their system is not operating as expected
  • Residential or Light Commercial use
  • User Interaction Log provides a searchable history of setting changes
  • Assignable outputs for Indoor Air Quality and staging control
  • Selectable staging options
  • Customizable service reminders
  • Up to 4H/2C Heat Pump or 3H/2C Conventional Systems
  • Smart Schedule feature programs in seconds for any lifestyle
  • Works with RedLINK accessories:  RedLINK Internet Gateway / Total Connect,Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor,Wireless Indoor Air Sensor,Portable Comfort Control,Entry/Exit Remote,  Vent and Filter Boost Remote,  Wireless Adapter,  TrueSTEAM, andTrueZONE Panels
  • Works with the  JADE Economizer System  to implement Demand Control Ventilation for light commercial use
  • 5-Year Warranty

Easy-to-See Thermostats

Easy-to-see thermostats are the best idea in thermostats and few people know about them! They work the same as a standard thermostat and are as easy to use. An easy-to-see thermostat has very large raised numbers that people with impaired vision can easily read. An audible click sounds at each degree mark as you adjust the temperature by turning the dial. An optional large clear dial cover is available to assist those who are hindered with arthritis.

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